You may already know that subscribers get the best prices and first crack at the best seats in the house. You may even know that subscribers get invitations to special events, they get to meet visiting artists and actors, and they get an exclusive look inside the theatre-making process. But did you know that subscribers are an essential part of why the theatre is able to offer a season of plays each year?

Subscribers help inform our season with their support — having a base of engaged theatre goers allows the theatre to bring in new, exciting plays by and for Alaskans. We can hire more artists, and writers, and we can create the theatre you love because we know you will be there to support it.

  • Come back anytime for free!

    Only Super Subscribers have access to this amazing benefit — want to see a show again? You can at no charge, space available. Come back with a friend who hasn't seen it yet! Return to as many shows as you want, as many times as you'd like!

  • Best Seats / Priority Seating

    Subscribers have access to the best seats available and have priority for upgrades upon renewal

  • Ticket Exchange

    Ability to exchange tickets to any night of the same value with no additional service charge.

  • Lost Ticket Insurance

    Lost or forgotten subscriber tickets can be reprinted at no charge.

  • Bring-a-Friend

    Perseverance half-off "Companion Fare" coupons with every package.

  • Private Events

    Exclusive invitations to meet the artists involved.

  • Promotions

    Additional discounts and email notifications about selected special events at the theatre.


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