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The Spirit of the Valley
by Frank Katasse

Perseverance Theatre is accepting auditions for the upcoming production of The Spirit of the Valley by Frank Katasse. This will be a live video theatre production, meaning rehearsals and performances will take place using Zoom. Actors will participate using their personal computers in their own homes. Those auditioning will receive sides from the show and will be asked to submit a self-taped video for consideration. The deadline for submissions is September 10th. Actors who are Indigenous, Alaska Native, especially Tlingit, are strongly encouraged to audition. AEA and Non-Union contracts available.


Kaash: 12 years old (played by an adult), Tlingit, Any gender, twin brother of Shaa. Though they enjoy playing video games and sleeping in, they are a determined and quick-thinking person. Despite the typical sibling squabbles and their competitiveness with their sibling, Kaash cares about protecting their family and staying together.

Shaa: 12 years old (played by an adult), Tlingit, Any gender, slightly older twin sister of Kaash. They are confident and shows bravery in the face of danger, even when they are frightened. They thinks quickly on their feet and have a flair for wit and rhyme.

Wolf: Any Age, Any Gender. Constantly hungry for food, Wolf likes to channel the famous fairy tale wolves from the likes of Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs. This sly predator is ferocious.

Eagle: Any Age, Any Gender. A wise mother and caretaker, Eagle protects their children and helps guide Kaash on their journey. Eagle is in tune with the nature around them and advocates for the safety of her home.

Raven: Any Age, Any Gender. Rhyming and resourceful, Raven is a problem solver with a way with words. This fast-talking Raven has a flair for the dramatic and can’t say no to a challenge.

Bear: Any Age, Any Gender. Particularly proud of his acting chops, Bear loves the drama. Bear is intimidating, yet bumbling, and cares deeply about the safety of the Valley and seeks revenge for the animals who have not survived the hurt suffered by their environment.

Narrator: Any Age, Any Gender. A storyteller and guide, the Narrator is the omniscient presence who brings the stage directions to life and takes the audience on the journey along with the characters.

The show schedule is available here.

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