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Season Auditions for  2019-2020 

All skill levels welcome

Perseverance Theatre’s 2019-20 Season:

  • Devil Fish (World Premiere) By Vera Starbard
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Dale Wasserman
  • Christmas Carol by Arlitia Jones & Michael Evan Haney
  • With by Carter W. Lewis
  • Fun Home by Jeanine Tesori & Lisa Kron
  • The Winter Bear Project (Touring) by Anne Hanley

15 minute audition slots available. An accompanist for musical auditions available only on 4/27 in Anchorage  and 5/18 in Juneau.

Anchorage: UAA Harper Studio and Mainstage  April 27 & 28 from 12pm – 5pm

Juneau: Perseverance Theatre – Phoenix May 18  (12p-6p) & May 19 (10a-4p)

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 Questions/concerns? Email enrique@ptalaska.org

Guidlines for Musical Auditions:

  • Please bring 16 bars of music for your accompanist to play. It should be well-printed, legible, in good condition, and in the key in which you plan to sing it.
  • Please have your sheets marked so that it is clear to the pianist where you are starting and ending.
  • Please have your sheets displayable in a manner such that the pianist will not have to turn pages.
  • Your 16 measures should express a complete and succinct musical and lyrical idea; make sure you are choosing your starting point accordingly.
  • Choose a piece that is suitable for your range, age and personality, and that will highlight your strongest assets as a performer.
  • Please be aware of the tempo at which you would like to audition, and be prepared to communicate it to the pianist with either a number or a gesture.
  • There is no need to choreograph or act your piece. Relax and move freely so we can just focus on your voice.
  • Avoid material that is overfamiliar, overdone, or indelibly associated with a particular singer.
  • Avoid using dialect or accents when auditioning; we want to hear your natural voice doing the work.
  • If you are able to email a pdf of your selection to the Theater in advance, that could be of benefit, as your pianist will be playing many pieces over the weekend and might benefit from the ability to preview.
Perseverance Theatre operates under the Small Professional Theater Agreement with AEA.