2019/2020 Anchorage Season

A riotous comedy, A world premiere, a holiday classic, and an iconic drama.
“We’re already assembling creative teams of gifted artists from Alaska and beyond to create four powerful and truly unforgettable shows,” says Perseverance Theatre artistic director Art Rotch. “We’re proud of Perseverance’s 40-year history, and grateful to our community—the audiences and supporters who have sustained this work. Their commitment will keep theatre by and for Alaskans going for many seasons to come.”

• The Underpants, by Steve Martin, based on the play Die Hose by Carl Sternheim. September 6 - September 15.
Of bloomers and blunders.
In Steve Martin’s uproarious tale, a beautiful young woman attending a royal parade finds that her bloomers have fallen down around her ankles. Ooops! She is sure no one noticed, but her modest husband is mortified and rushes off to assess the level of gossip. Boarders, nosy neighbors, and sudden new suitors fill the script gleefully adapted from Carl Steinheim’s 1910 German Farce, Die Hose. This bawdy comedy of manners finds crazy humor in the gender politics that are still relevant after more than 100 years.

• Devilfish, by Vera Starbard (World Premiere), October 25 - November 3.
Ancient and new, a mythic world-premiere.
In prehistoric Southeast Alaska, when humans and animals still talked and lived amongst each other, a monstrous sea creature destroys an entire village. Only the young girl Aanteinatu survives and is left to forge a new life among strangers. A mysterious talking wolf and an ethereal legend guide the child to find the wisdom and strength to become the woman of her destiny. 

• A Christmas Carol, by Arlitia Jones and Michael Evan Haney, based on the novel by Charles Dickens, December 20 - December 29
Charles Dickens’ classic brought to life.
A greedy businessman with no place in his life for kindness, compassion, or charity, Ebenezer Scrooge is resigned to a lonely old age. But when four ghosts appear and warn him of a miserable afterlife, Scrooge is reminded of all the chances he had before to make different choices. Charles Dickens’ immortal tale of redemption, skillfully and faithfully adapted Anchorage’s own Arlitia Jones with Michael Evan Haney, is a heartwarming holiday gift for the whole family.

• One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, adapted by Dale Wasserman from Ken Kesey’s novel, February 28 - March 8.
The madness is in the system.
Looking for an angle, charismatic convicted conman Randle P. McMurphy gets himself transferred to Nurse Ratched’s mental ward to serve his time. He stages a rebellion, witnessed by Chief Bromden and enthusiastically joined by his fellow patients. Ratched’s ultimate victory—it can end no other way—comes at great cost to herself, to McMurphy and his comrades, and to the whole system confining them all. A counter-cultural icon,
Cuckoo’s Nest remains shocking today.