Help Perseverance Theatre go
from Surviving to Thriving
as we continue our 2023 – 2024 Season!

Perseverance is grateful to all our supporters who have believed in and supported professional theatre by and for Alaskans for 44 years.  Perseverance has faced tremendous challenges over the past few years but has survived and continued to create beautiful theatre for our audiences.  But Perseverance is committed to more than merely surviving – your professional theatre needs to thrive and produce world-class theatre for Alaskans!  Thanks to an Anonymous Individual Donor, Perseverance has received a $100,000 Challenge Grant, and has embarked on our Surviving to Thriving Campaign.  We are seeking to raise $100,000 from Individual Donors to match the $100,000 Anonymous Donation, and YOU can be a part of this successful effort!  Please donate now to help us make our goal.

Your support for Perseverance is critical and the impact of your donation will be doubled when you make a donation in our Surviving to Thriving Campaign.  Your investment will help the theatre continue creating vibrant and meaningful theatre by and for Alaskans.

Thanks for helping to make it possible for us to deliver theatrical and educational programming to the Alaskan communities we serve, and lift up and embrace those who create, participate in, value, and respect our important work.

If you are interested in other ways to support Perseverance, please click here for more information.