Perseverance Theatre thanks everyone who has believed in and supported professional theatre by and for Alaskans for over four decades.  Before and during covid-19, Perseverance has been challenged while creating brilliant art, and overcome the obstacles in our way.  Individual Donations are crucial to our ability to operate and deliver world-class theatre to audiences.  Thanks for helping to make it possible for us to deliver theatrical and educational programming to the Alaskan communities we serve, and lift up and embrace those who create, participate in, value, and respect our important work.

Your support for Perseverance remains critically important, and your contributions are as important now as at any time in our history.  Your investment today will help the theatre continue to navigate the formidable challenges we are facing as we move ahead creating vibrant and meaningful theatre by and for Alaskans.  Your investment in Perseverance will make a tremendous difference, and we are incredibly grateful to all of our supporters for helping us persevere!

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