Voyager One
by Jared Micheal Delaney
directed by Leslie Ishii

Which song would you choose to represent all of humanity? Something by Elvis Presley? Aretha Franklin? Maybe Little Richard? In the 1970s, two junior-level NASA staffers help select which pieces of human history, science, and art will spend eternity on the Voyager One space probe, waiting to be discovered by alien life. Flash forward to the distant future, and we find a mysterious woman who has awakened on a spacecraft with no memory of who she is or how she got there. What has humanity become and where is it going? Join us on a journey through space, time, and rock and roll, all while Chuck Berry sings ‘go Johnny, go”...

Voyager One Logo.
Voyager One was present on the Perseverance Mainstage from October 29 through November 14, 2021.