Travel Raffle Winners Announced


CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners of our 31st Annual Travel Raffle!

Grand Prize Gary Vetesy
2nd Prize Jessie Beck
3rd Prize Ward Lamb
4th Prize Sam O’Toole
5th Prize McLean Cannon
6th prize Allan Hayton
7th Prize Patty Ware
8th Prize Cindy Spanyers
9th Prize Tim Welby
10th Prize Libby Mcdonough
11th Prize Art Petersen
12th Prize Melissa Griffith
13th Prize Terry Miller
14th Prize Frank Homan
15th Prize Steve Parker
16th Prize Alison Browne
17th Prize Randy Walling
18th Prize Laura Hosey
19th Prize Brian O’Sullivan
20th Prize Mike Stanley
21st Prize Suzi Lowell
22nd Prize Mary Navitsky
23rd Prize Bev Gelston
24th Prize Lee Powelson
25th Prize Molly Smith