Raffle Winners Announced for 32nd Annual Travel Raffle


Perseverance is happy to announce the winners of our 32nd Annual Travel Raffle.

Grand Prize Carolyn Garcia
2nd Prize Christ Goard
3rd Prize John Parsi
4th Prize Anya Maier
5th Prize Dave Lefebvre
6th prize Roger Birk
7th Prize Rafie Wilson
8th Prize Munkh-Urguu
9th Prize Barb Potter
10th Prize Adam Wilkinson
11th Prize Elaine Loopstra
12th Prize Laura Stats
13th Prize Karrold Jackson
14th Prize Laura Kurt
15th Prize Heather Sinclair
16th Prize Suzi Pearson
17th Prize Liz Babstead
18th Prize Bob Wild
19th Prize Michael Johnson
20th Prize Koko
21st Prize Daniel Collison
22nd Prize Margie Ramos
23rd Prize Lyn McCoy
24th Prize Amy Dressel
25th Prize Jackie Schulz