Perseverance Theatre 2018 Travel Raffle Winners!


2018 PT Raffle Results!

Thanks to everyone that bought a ticket. We will be contacting you this week about collecting prizes.

Grand Prize: Jamie Nelson
2nd: Danielle Meier
3rd: Andrea Watts
4th: Maila Bischoff
5th: Anne Post
6th: Lynn Hirschi
7th: Luke Metcalfe
8th: Kristi Peel
9th: Krista Schaefer
10th: Ellen Ferguson
11th: Deborah Naspinsky
12th: Spencer Biegel
13th: Bob Hume
14th: Ron Schonenbach
15th: Mary Lou Madden
16th: Paulette Simpson
17th: Leah Farzin
18th: R Johnson
19th: Mike Stout
20th: Arlitia Jones