The Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska and Juneau Radio Center present
Perseverance Theatre's production of

A Tlingit Christmas Carol

By Vera Starbard (Tlingit/Dena'ina)
Directed by Madeline Sayet (Mohegan)
Music Direction and Composition by Ed Littlefield (Tlingit)

Sound Design and Arrangement by Ed Littlefield (Tlingit)
Original Artwork by Don Starbard (Tlingit)
Online Presentation and Editing Josh Lowman
Stage Manager - Jennifer Bobiwash (Mississauga First Nation)


Artistic Director Leslie Ishii
Managing Director Frank Delaney
Producer Joseph Biagini

With Support From

Juneau Radio Center The Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska

Alaska Airlines
The Island Pub
Hecla Greens Creek
Coeur Alaska – Kensington Mine
Alaska Marine Lines
MRV Architects
NorthWind Architects
Valley Medical Care
Alaskan Brewing Company
Specialty Imports
Valley Paint Center
National Endowment for the Arts
Alaska State Council on the Arts
Juneau Arts & Humanities Council
City & Borough of Juneau
Municipality of Anchorage
Atwood Foundation
Rasmuson Foundation
Shubert Foundation

Special Thanks

X̱'unei Lance Twitchell (Tlingit/Haida/Yup’ik),
Stephanie and Erika Tripp (Tlingit)
Art Rotch
To each artist who created their own sets, costumes, makeup, lighting, and props. Gunalchéesh for the creative energy in these unusual times!
And to the inspiration of Charles Dickens.

Director's Note

I often say, a classic remains a classic, for as long as it is relevant. When there is nothing left for it to show us, then it will fade away. So, there is a reason why we continue to return to this story in these dark Winter months. However, in America, there are many "classics" that have been handed to us as Native people, that come not from here, but from England. We are raised up on these stories, and yet don't often get to see ourselves represented in the narratives. For that reason it's even more important to undo that erasure - to take the time to ask: How could this story be about the land we stand on? About right now? Why must it be told again today?

In Vera Starbard's new adaptation, A Tlingit Christmas Carol, she illuminates the ideas and relationships in the original story by showing them to us through her eyes, in the context of Tlingit culture and Alaska. I am grateful that this particular adaptation will be seen online, because as much as I wish we could gather together in space, and conjure theater magic, this unique moment allows Native theater to be seen far and wide, bringing far more people the laughter, joy, and imagination that is so needed right now. I believe that for every person who sees this adaptation, their understanding of what this story is and can be, will expand, and when we do meet in person again someday, the theater will be better for it.
- Madeline Sayet


Ed Littlefield (Tlingit)      

E.B. Scrooge

Kenny Ramos (Barona Band of Mission Indians/Kumeyaay Nation)

The Spirit of Christmas Present

Nathan Starbard (Tlingit/Dena'ina)

Young Scrooge / John

Frank Henry Kaash Katasse (Tlingit)

Jay Marley / Fezziwig

Irene Bedard (Yupik/Inupiaq/Cree)

The Ancestor of Christmas Past

Erin Tripp (Tlingit)

Roberta Cratchit / Justice

Madeline Sayet (Mohegan)

The Vision of Christmas Yet to Come

Shaawát Tlein Rose Autumn Katasse (Tlingit)

Tiny Tina

Isabella Star Lablanc (Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota)

Freda / Fanny

Stacy Katasse


Candice Byrd (Cherokee/Quapaw/Osage)


Jolie Cloutier (Onondaga)


Additional Production Staff

Leslie Ishii

Artistic Director

Frank Delaney                                                                                           

Managing Director

Joseph Biagini

Associate Producer

Jennifer Bobiwash (Missisauga First Nation)

Production Manager

Erika Stone

Director of Marketing and Engagement

Benjamin Brown

Development Director

Josh Lowman

Associate Managing Director

Irene Martinko

Literary and Producing Associate

Lewis Chapman

Arts Administration Fellow/Box Office Associate

Lily Odekirk

Outreach and Education Associate

Caleb Bourgeois

General Manager

Vera Starbard


Alexis Sheeder

Anchorage Outreach and Development Associate

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About the Playwright

Vera Starbard is a Tlingit and Dena’ina artist born in Southeast Alaska. She is the playwright-in-residence at Perseverance Theatre through the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s National Playwright Residency Program. Vera is also the editor of First Alaskans Magazine, and a writer for the PBS Kids animated children’s program “Molly of Denali.” She is the recipient of numerous writing and editing awards, including the 2018 Alaska Literary Award, and a Rasmuson Foundation Individual Artist Award. She currently lives in Anchorage with her husband Joe, and too many cats.