Our Town is your town.

by Thornton Wilder

Directed by Art Rotch

Welcome to Our Town, the award-winning play that has drawn in audiences for eighty years. Our Town embraces the layers it takes to build the communities that sustain us. Set in every small town of your imagination and memory, Thornton Wilder’s spare classic captures the depth of humanity through careful attention to everyday happeningsbut as performed by Perseverance Theatre’s dynamic Alaskan cast, led by Irene Bedard (Inupiaq/Yupik/Métis Cree) as the Stage Manager, this production will be anything but ordinary.


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A note from The Thornton Wilder Family:

Although Thornton Wilder died in 1975, it was not until the new century that key archival holdings, notably records held by Wilder's attorneys, dramatic agents and family members, became available and could be consulted by those wishing to build up a full, accurate picture of Wilder’s life and work. The new material inevitably showed that earlier studies and biographies suffer from significant errors and omissions.  Those working on Wilder’s plays are advised to treat any work about Wilder written prior to 2000 with great caution.

Two volumes have been written since the full archive has been open and the Wilder Family highly recommends them to directors, dramaturgs, actors and members of the production team.  They are excellent resources, providing background and context for the Play:

  • Thornton Wilder: A Life (2012) by Penelope Niven. The first definitive biography of Thornton Wilder, published by Harper Collins.
  • The Selected Letters of Thornton Wider (2008) edited by Robin G. Wilder and Jackson R. Bryer. A sampling of some of Wilder’s thousands of letters.

Additional approved resources are listed below, providing further information about Wilder’s work; the correct places to approach for reprint rights for photographs, extracts from Wilder’s novels, plays and letters; plus ways to connect with Wilder experts and fans across the world.  Theatre teams will find they are a great help in creating interesting and accurate programme notes and press releases.

  • Official website of Thornton Wilder – thorntonwilder.com. Contact: Rosey Strub rosey@thorntonwilder.com
  • Wilder Moments – wildermoments.com. Up to date news and interviews about Wilder productions worldwide.
  • Website of the Thornton Wilder Society – twildersociety.org
  • The Barbara Hogenson Agency. Wilder’s Literary Agent able to grant reprint permissions for Wilder’s novels and plays. Contact:  Barbara Hogenson bhogenson@aol.com
  • Beinecke Library at Yale University – beinecke.library.yale.edu. Holder of the Thornton Wilder archive, including many rare papers, letters and photographs.  Contact: Melissa Barton, Curator, Prose and Drama Melissa.barton@yale.edu.
  • Harper Collins Publishers – www.harpercollins.com. For published editions of Wilder’s novels and full length plays as well as the reference books listed above. Contact: Sofia Groopman, Assistant Editor Groopman@harpercollins.com
  • Samuel French – samuelfrench.com. For acting editions of Wilder’s plays. Contact: Abbie Van Nostrand, Director of Corporate Communications avannostrand@samuelfrench.com
  • Theatre Communications Group (TCG) – tcg.org. For collected editions of Wilder’s short plays. Contact: Kathy Sova, Editorial Director ksova@tcg.org